ABKC Grand Champion Don Vito


Grand Champion Series #9
Image Courtesy Of Marshland Pitbulls
There are some very outstanding American Bullies out there. But Marshland Pitbulls‘, ABKC Grand Champion Don Vito, is in an elite group. Based on his images, this dog is super, super clean. I believe that this dog deserves to be in an elite group.
Located in Aynor, South Carolina, Marshland’s owner Brian Gore, who got into Bullies four years ago, is determined to be one of the best dog man ever.

Tough he has only been showing for three years, Brian’s tone is full of experience, confidence and positive direction. I asked Brian a few questions.

Question: What Do You Feed?
Answer :”Diamond High Energy, because it makes y dogs look good”.

Question: How Old Is Don Vito?
Answer: “Don Vito is 6 years old.

Question:Do You Use Any Supplements?
Answer: “No, none at all”.

Question: What Is Don Vito’s Best Quality?
Answer:” His best quality is his rear end and muscular built.
When I asked about Don Vito’s temperament, without a thought, Mr Gore said that Don Vito is very laid back and an all around great dog.
“He is a bit protective though”, said Brian.

I then asked Brian what were is future plans for his kennel. He explained to me that he has always focused on producing the highest quality dogs and will continue to do so. He also said that he was focused with producing Bully dogs with excellent confirmation. ” High Rears turn me off”,he said.

Brian said that he spends a lot of time with his dogs, sometimes he is around them all day. ” It’s what I love”.
“I love taking them to the pond and watching them swim and play around”

Question:How Many Dogs Do You Have.
Answer: I have seven dogs, 2 males and 5 females.

Brian especially wanted me to know that his dogs look the same in person as the do online.
Don Vito also has a son, Pacman, that is a really good looking dog also.

Bullies Rock!!

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  1. Wallace laws says:

    Hey man I just wanted to say I have been chaceing Vito’s blood for a long time I have to monsters now there my heart! But to have some don’t Vito on the yard would be a dream come true please email me if you might can help me thanks.


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