American Bully Allergies.


American Bully Allergies.
When it comes to allergies, the American Bully has been known to have it’s fair share. Years ago, before other Bully breeds were mixed into the American Pitbull Terrier, allergies were not such a common place with the breed. Today, with all the mixes involved, allergies and other medical conditions have become a part of our territory. We should educate ourselves to some of them. Many of our dogs have become allergic to things in their immediate environment. Some dogs are allergic to things like bleaches, sanitizer for kennels, rug shampoo, air fresheners and cigarette smoke. Sometimes even dog products such as shampoo, coat and skin conditioners and some treats can cause a dog to have an allergic reaction . A great number of dogs are allergic to grass, trees and certain types of foods. For food allergies, solving the problem could sometimes be something as simple as changing brands or ingredients, or both.

Symptoms Of Dog Allergies
Some of the more common symptoms of dog allergy are, continual itching, biting at their skin as though they are trying to scratch themselves, runny eyes, sneezing and runny noses.

Testing For Dog Allergy
It is not always easy to identify an allergy. Many times, your vet will have to diagnose your dog’s condition through different test. She may require blood to be drawn in order to test for allergens, or she might simply see the physical symptoms and make her diagnosis based on her experience. An intradermal skin test, which is a test where a small amount of allergens is injected under the skin, may also be administered.
However your vet arrives at her conclusion, medication will most likely be prescribed.

My Neighbors Bulldog
My neighbor’s Bulldog and Pug both have skin allergies, and have to be given shots ever so often. These shots seem to temporarily work. He has more success when he feeds certain foods. Diet combined with shots always gets the best results for Mickey and Milo, the dogs. This combination always seem to stop their continual itching.

Things That Can Help.
Using a recommended hypoallergenic shampoo, Hydrocortisone topical cream and over the counter allergy medicines can go a long way to relieving your dogs allergies. Sometimes, a human grade medicine such as Benadryl will also be prescribed. . Your vet will most likely set you on the right path after testing. Be sure to follow the course of treatment that your vet has set out for your dog. Pay close attention to any sudden changes and call your vet if things seem uncertain. Regular bathing can also assist in soothing your dogs skin and washing off some of the allergens on your dogs body.

Sometimes certain recommended medications can have adverse effects on animals and people. Keep a close eye on your dog for any sudden changes and call your vet if things seem strange.
Once diagnosed, most allergies are easily manageable with medications.
I hope this helped..
Bullies Rock!!

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