American Bully, French Bulldog Mix


American Bully, French Bulldog Mix
Now that the cat is MOSTLY out of the bag, and many American Bullies have come out of the imaginary closet, where do we plan on going from here? Can we forgive and forget the fact that we have possibly been deceived and cheated for the last 10 years or so? or do we plan on getting to the root of the issue? Truth is, as individuals, there isn’t much that we can do at this point. So it may seem easier to pretend that this epidemic does not exist.

Without a doubt, many of our American Bullies are mixed (HARD), with other Bully breeds. This article addresses the French Bulldog, which seems to be the most popular pairing choice for our new American Bully dog. I have seen dogs that look like Shorty Bulls, referred to as American Bully Pocket and registered ABKC.
Many of these same dogs are already parents and grandparents etc, to thousands of other dogs in their family tree. As I write this article some of them are being born.

Why Mix With The Frenchie?
The American Bully should be a dog with smooth coat and tight skin. Since many of us have begun to voice our complains about mixes and the unfortunate results they sometimes produce, some breeders began to move away from infusing the English Bulldog and Mastiffs types into the AB, and have fluctuated towards the French Bulldog. This is sometimes evident in puppies early on, by entire litters having ‘bat ears”, or ears sticking up. When cropped, no one really knows right?
Other traits in the resulting breeding are, shortness, still reasonably wide, short muzzles and good size heads. These are all highly desired traits in the “NEW STYLE” American Bully pocket. Without wanting to touch paper hanging in this post, it’s quite easy to see where an issue of the American Bully and it’s origin can and did arise.

Popular Bullies That Appear To Be Mixed.
Someone drew it to my attention recently, that the top five(5) American Bullies are all mixes of other breeds. I looked up some images of these dogs and agreed that those particular dogs could not be only mixes of APBT and American Staffordshire Terrier, breeds that have been widely published as the only origin of the American Bully. At least three of them looked like French Bulldog mixes. I then found out that a few of the owners of these top dogs refused to do any DNA testing. These very dogs produce offspring that sell for $4,000-$5,000 per pup. That is the state of affairs that we are dealing with here folks.

The American Bully’s Definition Does Not Apply
French-Bulldog-Pitbull-Mix-CrossNow that we all know that the French Bulldog mixed to the already mixed American Bulllly produces a dog with two different names, I guess the next thing to ask is what truly is the definition Of the American Bully.
Is it still going to be only defined as a cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier? Or possibly the fact that things are already so far gone, re-defining the American Bully would be the best option. This time all of the breeds involved should be mentioned.
Only then might we be able to create boundaries for the bred. As it stands, they can officially be called MUTTS. The imaginary closet remains.
Bullies Still Rock!!

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  1. Taylor says:

    A while back, you may have seen a picture making the rounds of a dead female Frenchie hanging from the rear end of a male “bully”. Yeah, that’s the ticket — shows a lot of knowledge about breeding. Nobody claimed “photoshop” and more than one poster knew the people that did it.

    That poor, poor little Frenchie…

    Idiot breeders.

    • Kevin says:

      I’ve never heard anything like that. Can you post a link to this picture so I can see it for myself?

  2. I would have to agree with you on the crossing issue but I am not so sure about whether the Frenchie could have been used in the first generation to get the results you are describing.

    I have recently retired from breeding American Pitbull Terriers, (never registered a dog as an AB), and was the owner of Razors Edge Hitman Geno, the breeder of Excalibur, etc., etc. etc… Seen some of the best and bred some the best as well.

    About two years ago I did a breeding between an extreme pocket heavily inbred Geno daughter to the bulliest Frenchie in the country. His name is Wayne and he is now with some member of the Elite Edge. If someone could show me a bullier Frenchie or Shorty Bull, I would be very surprised.

    Needless to say, I got an entire litter of tight skinned dogs that are less bully than either breed and look more like a REAL APBT that any of the Razors Edge Line.

    I used to be a firm believer that there had to be some introduced behind Paco, which would be the primary Frenchie source because he was so heavily used. But now that I am seeing the long term productions, I cannot say that I am on board with the concept. I don’t think that that Frenchie is capable of throwing the bone that these Bullies have today…

    Oh, and BTW, my old game dogs and heavy Geno blood would produce the erect ears pretty regularly. It was common in some old game lines…

    If anyone wants to see the picture of the parents (Frenchie x Bully) and the offspring, shoot me an email.


    • admin says:

      Brad, good to hear from you man.. Very good points that you have there. I know that rabbit or bat ears were a regular thing in game dogs of yesterday. I have had a few myself. In fact one of my gamest, most focused dogs, had ears just like a Frenchie. As far as which dogs were bred to create the American Bully, the answer I feel lies in many places. The AM Bullies today do not all have the same dogs in them. I suspect that some have bigger type mastiffs and other Bandogges, while others have smaller types of Bulldogs in them too.
      Let’s take the Extreme American Bully for example, no Frenchie or English Bulldog here, but size and looks point towards bigger Mastiff types.

      Whatever the case, it is safe to assume that this dog, especially the newer version, did not just come from the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier. Do you agree?

    • krystal says:

      can i see pictures of your dogs that you have produced of this sort please? I want to cross my frenchie with a bully to see the outcome.


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