American Bully Standard Class


American Bully Standard Class

American-Bully-Size-Classes-BannerThe American Bully standard size dog is to me the ideal sized dog. I feel at this size, it comes closest to being a performance type Bulldog.
The ABKC standards for this dog as it pertains to height is, males under 17″ – 20″ at the withers. Females under 16″ – 19″ at the withers, where ” = inches.
Even though the breed will never be able to work like the American Pitbull Terrier and some other Bulldog breeds, the standard size American Bully is at the right weight and size to be an intimidating protector and a mass of dog like power.

The list of standards by the ABKC for this size dog has most definitely grown over the last year or so. Here are a few of the faults that the judges look for in the American Bully standard dog.

A Few Faults-American Bully Standard Class
Nasal Albinism, this is when the nose is light pink or possibly has pink blotches. On most dogs, ideally the nose should be black. An undershot or overshot mouth(underbite, overbite), is also recognized as a fault not only in the standard class, but in the entire American Bully Breed. The ABKC will not accept a curly tail, which is also known by some dog men as a gay tail, a skinny neck (American Bullies should have thick necks), bowed front legs, curly or wavy coat will all be detrimental to your American Bully becoming a champion. So when considering a puppy for showing, have a good look at it before you take it home.

Merles Are Unaccepted
As far as color, only the Merle color will be disqualified, everything else is good to go.

Movement In American Bullies
In the Movement category, rolling, pacing, side-winding, hackney action and paddling or pounding are all some of the faults that will cost you championship points by the judges.

For a complete list of faults please visit the ABKC Website

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