What is BSL? Simply answered, BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. This simply means laws specific to certain breeds. Such legislation can require anything from special licensing of a particular breed or even elimination of the breed entirely. Strangely, most of the breeds sought after by BSL are Bully breeds. Before I go further, I would like to address all Bully owners, lovers and fanciers. It is a good thing that our Bullies are so popular, for with popularity comes awareness. On the other hand, popularity can also bring abuse, misuse and misunderstanding. For these reasons education is needed NOW!

How Do We Educate ? Through breeders, clubs, media and word of mouth to name a few. Let’s say you had a litter of nine puppies, all of which you found adoptive homes for, and every puppy went out with a bit of literature about the breed’s past and present. In that manual also was information about BSL, what our dogs are up against and tips on how to do right by our dogs. And let’s say every registration certificate had information about the breed that accompanied it, maybe issues like how you could help promote and protect the breed. Let’s also say that every Youtube video and magazine had snippets dedicated to education and well being of our Bullies, now that would be a sweeeeeeeeet thing! Before long we would enlighten tens, maybe hundreds of thousand of people, you know strength in numbers?

It’s now two years later and your nine puppies have litters of 6 puppies each, then two years after that, those 54 puppies have 6 puppies each, that’s about four hundred dogs associated your kennel in four years. Now multiply those 400 dogs by thousands of breeders all with education and literature accompanying them, wow what a wonderful thing!! now that is just on the breeders side. we have not calculated figures for social media and other advertising forms.

Granted that not everyone should breed their dogs and that spaying and neutering is always a really good option, we must be realistic here. There is a very small percentage of us that do not breed our dogs at least once, so the issue of fighting BSL has to be dealt with through education.I feel that at the end of the day we are the ones responsible for if our dogs survive of fade into oblivion like some other breeds have.
Long Live The Bully Breed!!

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