Dogs With One Testicle (Cryptorchidism)


Dogs With One Testicle (Cryptorchidism)
It is not uncommon to find dogs with one testicle. Cryptorchidism as is commonly called, is a condition in dogs where one or both testicles are not visible or have not descended into the scrotum. Though not usually the case, in some adult or older dogs this defect can be developed too. Some vets have said that it’s one of the most common conditions found in dogs.

Early in a puppy’s life, the testicles should move from it’s abdomen to it’s scrotum through two holes known as the inguinal rings.
If for some reason both testicles do not descend or drop into the scrotum, the animal will be deemed sterile. Professional breeders usually keep a keen eye out for this condition as dogs with this birth defect cannot bred.

Where Are The Testicles When Not Descended?
A testicle that has not descended is usually lodged in the dogs abdomen.
When both testicles do not descend, the male rendered infertile.

Why Is Your Dog Infertile?
The production of sperm requires a specific temperature for it to remain viable. In the abdomen, the temperature is usually a few degrees higher and does not meet the specificity to produce viable sperm. Though still a major defect, it is possible for a male with one dropped testicle to produce fertile semen and consequently impregnate a female.

How To Test For Cryptorchidism.
Testing for this condition is relatively easy. From about the age of ten weeks or so, you should easily be able to feel both testicles with your fingers. But from experience, I will suggest that one should wait at least six months for the final prognosis. To be honest, if your dogs testicles do not reveal themselves by three months old, they probably would never descend.

Important Note: Dogs with this condition have a higher rate of developing a certain type of cancer call a Sertoli cell tumor.
If you are a new breeder be sure to check your potential stud for Cryptorchidism. It may also benefit you to have a written contract based on the present and future health of your dog..
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