ABKC Grand Champion Saki


ABKC Grand Champion Saki
Bullytree Grand Champion Series #15     ABKC Grand Champion Saki
ABKC_Grand_Champion_Saki_10It never ceases to amaze me how many awesome people that there are in the Bully community. There was no exception when I spoke with Mr. Alfred Duran, the now owner of Grand Champion Saki and also owner of PrimoLine Kennels. We must have spoken for about 45 minutes before we even got to the interview. Every aspect of our initial conversation was a learning experience for me. Fred’s very interesting story about his dogs and life really kept me intrigued. His is a story of great family resolve.
When we finally got into the conversation it was very easy and natural. Things just flowed, piece of cake!

Question:What Is Grand Champion’s Saki Registered Name?

Answer:“Sideswipe/BGB Saki Bomb”

Question:What is Grand Champion’s Saki Color?

Answer:Blue Brindle

Question:How Did You Get Saki

Answer:He was a gift from Ponch. Robert Aguirre and Nick Gallegos were the original owners of Saki before they sold him to Ponch. I did not pay a penny for this dog. Ponch thought the dog would mean more to me. He did not want him to be studded out everywhere.

Question:Where Are You Located?

Answer:Oxnard California. It’s between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Southern California.

Question:How Long Have You Been In Cali?

Answer:We moved to Texas about three years ago, then my youngest son was diagnosed with Leukemia and we moved back to California.

Question:How Is Your Son Doing?

Answer:Oh! he is doing great, he is a warrior. He is presently in the last part of his treatment, light chemo.

Question:How Is your Family Doing?

Answer:We are great. We are very blessed man!

Question:How Many kids Do You Have?

Answer:We have three boys all 5 and under.

Question:How Old Is Grand Champion Saki?

Answer:He is 4 years old

Question:How Long Have You Been Showing Saki?

Answer: His previous owner and my good friend, Ponch Olivas showed him before I did. I only recently acquired him. Ponch is one of the few people I consider a true friend!

Question:How Did You Meet Ponch?

Answer:Through word of mouth. Once we met, we hit it off and started traveling together to do shows.

Question:How How Long Have You Been Involved In Dogs?

Answer:I started with XXL Pitbulls in 2004. I prefer XXL dogs that are not super huge or look like Mastiffs. I like clean dogs.

Question:Why Do You Show?

Answer:To prove breeding stock. It’s important to prove that dogs are legitimate. The only place that you can prove your dog worthy is in competition. I think of showing as a marathon. I have lots of fun and I love the competition. I will stop showing if I no longer enjoying it.

Question: Why Do You Breed?

Answer:I am not a typical breeder. I breed very rarely. When I breed, I do it mainly for me. It’s not about selling tons of puppies, it never will be!

At this time Alrfedo wanted me to know that people have to establish a connection with their dogs if they hope to get the best out of them. It is no different to riding a horse. There must be a connection and communication between horse and rider for the very best to be achieved.

Question: What’s Grand Champion Saki’s Best Quality?

Answer:What really stands out is that he is a very Bully dog! But truly, I really cannot pick one. He is really the entire package deal.

Question: What Do You Feed Saki? Do You Use Any Supplements?
Answer:I feed Saki Natures Domain. I feel it’s comparable to Taste Of The Wild dog foods. I do not really use any supplements at all. Sometimes I add a little plain, natural yogurt for moisture. Other than that, nothing.

Question:What’s Saki’s Weight And Height?

Answer: He is 100 pounds and 18 inches. He an get to as much as 103 pounds.

Question:Does Saki Have Any Litters?

Answer:Yes, I think he has about 10 litters. I’ll have to ask Ponch to be sure..

Question: What is Grand Champion Saki’s Temperament Like?

Answer:He is the most affectionate dog that you will ever find. He loves to rub on you like a cat. Really, he is a big teddy bear. To add to that, he is very docile and laid back, for the most part.

Question:Do You Have Any Advice For Novices, or just advice in general?

Answer:Of course! If you are going to breed, dogs should be the priority. Breeding healthy dogs is a priority. Health is very important.

Question: What Are Your Future Plans For Your Kennel?

Answer: To continue with my program. My plan is to create better Primoline dogs that have a distinct look and temperament. I don’t want to be based on just one dog or line.

Question:How do you achieve a Unique Dog Using Different

Answer:By using the ingredients that are already within the standard. Everything from, muzzle,eyes, head,cheek, is already within the standard. Just breed within the standard. It’s technical stuff man! WI have 3 generations of Saki in my yard so I feel that I am on the right path!

Question:Who Bred Grand Champion Saki?

Answer: Ed Shepherd and Mike, from Short Muscle Pits. Saki was not turning out the way that they expected so they sold him at about 15 months old. Ponch bought him and started showing him.

Question:Who Is Saki’s Sire And Dam?

Answer:Ichiban and SheBoggie

After our conversation I knew that I had just spoken with a really cool guy, someone that would certainly be hearing from me sooner than he even knew. His story about his family’s situation and and wanting to have the most “Primo Bullies” was one that I am certainly interested in following. For one thing, uncle Curtis would be interested in finding out how the boys are growing up.
Blessings to you and your family, Alfredo!

This article is an original work of Bullytree.com. Feel free to use it on your website as long as you give us credit.
Thanks for reading!!
Bullies Rock!!

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