How Important Is An Ear Crop??


How Important Is An Ear Crop??
Puppy-Dog-Ear-CropHow important is an ear crop to your Bulldog? In breeds such as the Frenchie Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terriers and the Presa Canario, ear crops are a very common thing.
In the American Bully and Exotic Bully breeds, the ear cropping trend just continued right on from the old style Pitbull. In fact, today, a very high percentage of dogs, possibly 90 percent, have ear crops. It’s almost a sin not to crop your puppy’s ear.

Would Dax Or Miagi Be As Popular?

That is the great question.. Would Dax or Mr Miagi be as popular if they did not have ear crops or floppy ears? I think not! Why? because true to the trend, I can hardly think about any big name dogs, past or present, that doesn’t have cropped ears. In the Bully world it’s all about looks first, just ask the Exotic breeders. The fact that ear cropping has become so popular among Bully dog fanciers, should open a whole new business for daring and skillful ear croppers alike. With so many litters being produced each year, A good ear cropper could potentially have a massive business. Which brings me to my next point.

Ear Cropping Is A Great Skill To Learn

When I bred dogs, I took my puppies for their ear crops at my local vet. He was actually very good. I remember taking my entire liter of 8 puppies to have their lifetime haircut. At that time, around 1995, ear crops were about $100. I also had a friend, a retired vet, who did ear cropping and eventually went to him. He was a very good ear cropper also, and I never had any accidents or infections in my dogs. Today, more people in our community are learning the art of ear cropping. There are presently some people in our community have become very skilled at it. Being a supporter of the community, I would much rather give my business to them. But it’s not as cut and dry as you think. Firstly, only someone licensed to be an anesthesiologist is allowed to administer anesthetic to your dog in preparation of his crop. This means that any ear croppers among who are not licensed are actually running an illegal operation.

Be Careful of Backyard Croppers

Having said all the above, one must be careful when taking his dog to a person that isn’t licensed to crop ears. I have seen good, bad and terrible endings. I have seen dogs with terrible crops and I have seen dogs never make it our of anesthetic. They passed away in their sleep. An unlicensed person are less likely to be careful because they are not held to any standards. Impeccable sanitation is imperative when cropping a dog’s ear. A clean operation lends some insurance against possible infections. So in an effort to support your community a portfolio and quality recommendations are absolutely necessary.

A good ear cropper in our community is definitely an asset. If you find one, you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run. But sometimes even savings is not a good reason for taking the easy and potentially more dangerous route. If you are unsure about your ear cropper, take your dog to a qualified vet to have it’s crop done, or don’t crop it’s ears at all. After all, a dog is worth more with floppy ears but alive, than a dead dog with cropped ears. Right?

Bullies Rock!

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