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  1. You saying you have a better stud than Dax is just wishfull thanking i wish i was so unlucky to have a Dax in my yard

  2. ramon says:

    does any1 kno of a way to find out a doggz bloodline wit out papers?i bght this bully frm a “crackhead”,and he doesnt kno the doggz bloodline cuz he sais”it wuznt his”,but he had to get rid of it cuz he wuz movin.!plz if htier is any1 out there tht can help in my situation plz get bak to me.!thnx

    • brandon battles says:

      first by buying this dog from a crack head u should find out if the dog is stolen if not stolen let a vet do a blood test on the dog and go from there.

    • First I wouldn’t buy dogs from people that are not Register as business. DNA will tell what the dog is mix with. But that is it. We also help spayed or neutered dogs have paper work. But the dog have to be spayed or neutered. If I was you that is what I will do.


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