Mr Miagi And Dax Have Cornered The Market


Mr Miagi And Dax Have Cornered The Market

Stud Fee Dax MiagiNOTE:

This is not an advertisement for either Ed Shepherd or George!!

Don’t waste your time trying to make big dollars from either Miagi or Daxline dogs. You could rush right now and get an offspring, either directly or indirectly from any of these two presently super hot studs, but you will never make the dollars from selling their puppies or studding them out as Ed Shepherd or George, Miagi’s owner, will or have made. I read something on Facebook where George said that Miagi’s stud Fee is up to 100,000. I think that this is very arrogant, but who cares about my opinion.

Buy The Hype, Pay The Price

Unlike many of the popular studs of before, Mr Miagi and Dax have been able to push the price pockets to levels unheard of in the Bully world. Dogs such as “The Nototious Juan Gotti” and “21 Black Jack”, also owned by Ed Shepherd, opened up an accessible path to very deep pockets or breeders who are hoping to be rich and famous. There is a problem though.
These present dogs, like Black Jack and Gotti of the past, are all built on hype. Irregardless, people are eating it up like candy in a kids bedroom. You may choose to disagree with me, but check the records. What did Juan Gotti ever do? Or 21 Black Jack for that matter?
Ask yourself similar questions about Miagi and Dax. The answers will all come up the same. None of those dogs have done anything noteworthy. (Read on to see more about GRCH Dax)

I remember when I first saw Juan Gotti with a trophy next to him, I seriously thought that here is a dog that is doing something. In those days I did not realize how easy it was for a dog to get a trophy or for someone to keep a non sanctioned/fun show and have an unqualified person be the judge. Nonetheless Juan Gotti never won a championship, he just won hearts through constant advertising and clever innovation. The same hype has just transcended to this present day.

Playing For Your Big Dollars.

Dax-American-Exotic-BullyGrand Champion Dax, yessir! Truly, if you look at Dax you will see many flaws as far as movement. For one, he and many of his offspring have high rears. Dax’s Grand Championship was completed in a very short period and before ABKC had any standards. Also, you must consider Ed Shepherd’s affiliation with the ABKC at that time. But as far as a bulldog and Bully traits, Dax is a lot closer than Miagi. I like Dax though. I think he is a nice dog and that Ed has done a great job breeding and promoting him. Do not expect to see any of his offspring in my yard though. For one thing, Ed and George are playing for dollars much bigger than I could afford.
They are playing for my family’s future and no dog is worth that to me, especially when they will be dead or deemed very old about 8 years or less after they were born. I love to support the Bully community but you can count me out of this one. Good luck to anyone that has bought a Dax or Miagi offspring. I have a feeling that somewhere in the upcoming years you would have regretted spending that kind of money for a dog that did not quite live up to even your lowest expectations.
I truly like some things about the Dax look. Call it what you want, Miagi is just not my cup of tea.

In the end, it is your choice to pay whatever you want for a dog. To me, this version of the dog is like a pair Nike sneakers! Big brand, big advertising, cheaply made in China.

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  1. Looking for a nice good Dax dog to buy

  2. I have a big love for the Bully dogs but that was exactly the same reason why a chose a different breed to work with because the Bully breed have no other purpose than a companion dog , so I chose the Bandog breed instead for the only one reason: protection ( for you and your family) and house protection. I have 25 years breeding experience but this is the best Guarding dog ever. Will work to get the best result for this breed and give big respect for the Bully comunity

    • Bully Lover says:

      I absolutely love Bandogs. I love the fact that they are called Bandogs and not XXL Pitbulls or something like that. I moved away from American Bullies all together and got myself a Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She is always ready to work hard. She is also a great protector!! Here is a picture of her as a pup!! Thanks for your comments man..


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