Did ABKC Revoke Mr Miagi’s Papers?.


Did ABKC Revoke Mr Miagi’s Papers?.
Mr-MiagiI know for many this is a touchy topic, but for me it’s right up my alley. This article talks about Mr Miagi the American Bully/Exotic Bully. I have now listened to both sides of the interview from Mr Miagi’s owner George and also Dave Wilson’s Version of the events that have led to Mr Miagi not being ABKC registered.

Like people, every once in a while a certain dog will be revered for what ever reason. This happens to be the case with Mr Miagi. Before I go further, I want to say that this article was written based on two sides of the story, George’s Mr Miagi’s owner, and Dave Wilson, president of the ABKC.

Mr Miagi, UKC Registered Only
The first thing to get clear is that Mr Miagi was never ABKC registered. According to Dave Wilson, President of the ABKC, which is the governing body for the American Bully breed, there was a DNA challenge on Mr Miagi, but he was not registered with his registry.
Some folks who had puppies off of Mr Miagi launched a challenge and were told that the ABKC could not implement a challenge because he was not registered with the ABKC.

Eventually, George, Mr. Miagi’s owner, wanted to register him with the ABKC . At this point he was sent a DNA kit. The problems is that one of Mr Miagi’s parents was dead and the other would not a DNA on the father’s side. Mr Miagi was then unable to be ABKC registered.
To make a long story short, documents that supported Mr Miagi’s genealogy were never supplied to the ADKC.

Like Dave Wilson, Mr Miagi is not my style of Bully. For those who like him though, be aware that if you ever purchase pups off of him, there is a big chance that they may never be shown on the biggest American Bully stage in the world. If this is ok by you, then go get you some Miagi.

PS: I know of quite a few people that have puppies off of Mr Miagi that cannot register their dogs with the ABKC.

As I listened to both or their stories on This is Bully Radio, I couldn’t help but notice that there were some similarities in what they were both saying. Unlike Dave Wilson though, George seemed more reserved in his answers.
Bullies Still Rock!!

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