Dax vs Mr Miagi


Dax vs Mr Miagi
Without a doubt, two of the hottest dogs in the American Bully today are Dax and Miagi.
Each of these two, has a tremendous following in the Bully community all over the world.They have both consistently produced really good looking offspring and have probably made their respective owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dax Stud Fee.
Based on what I have heard, Ed Shepheard’s charges about 5,000 for studding his prized dog, Grand Champion Dax, who has had many litters.
I like that both dogs have a different look, even though I believe that dogs of the same breed should look alike. I also like that there seems to be no beef between the both owners.

Mr Miagi’s Stud Fee
At a whooping 10,000 for a studding form Mr Miagi, this super buck is getting all the girls that he could handle. Serious dog men from all around the world are rushing for a piece of Miagi’s gold. Based on what I have seen for Miagi’s breedings, he seems to throw pretty consistent stuff.

Notorious Juan Gotti
Back in the day, when Juan Gotti was the hottest Bully on the planet,
He too could hardly keep up with the demands of Bully dreamers wanting to take their bitches to him. I believe that it was then that the trend of high priced studding truly began. Gotti set the pace that many top breeders are now following.

One Trick Bully Trend
Today, even with so much technology, some owners who are hoping to hit big time with their dogs, have become very camera wise. One owner even told me, “all this dog needs is one good shot, I’ll make him a star”. This is exactly what I see with many breeders. They purchase a puppy from a well known stud, get a great picture, and live off of it for the rest of the dog’s life, true? This is the hope that offspring form top studs offer. It is why hopefuls with deep pockets jump into the “big name” game! It’s all hype I tell you!!

Dax Or Miagi, Who Is Better?
For me, hands down, Dax. What are my reasons for choosing Dax over Mr Miagi? 1) Dax is a show champion, 2)He is able to show, and mostly not considered exotic. Some people say that he has a high rear, nevertheless, he is a Grand Champion. 3) In my eyes his litters are a bit more consistent. 4) Ed is always accessible and ready to answer questions.

George, the owner of Mr Miagi, seems to be a cool guy also, but my reason for choosing Dax is mostly based on the look of the dog based on breed standards, how it produces and how it does in the ring. With that said, I feel that both dogs and their owners are good for the Bully community. Gwoege and Ed both seem to have an eye for “the good stuff”, and know how to produce them. They can both teach valuable lesson that so many novices could learn from.

Bullies Rock!!

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