Grand Champion Gadget


Grand Champion Gadget
Bullytree Grand Champion Series #3

In this installment of our “BullyTree The Grand Champion Tour”, we would like to feature another astonishing American Bully Stud. This article is about Mid West Menace Bullys’, Grand Champion Gadget.

One minute into the interview with Lamont Singleton, owner of Midwest Bullys, and I already knew that I was speaking with a man that was passionate about his dogs. Not only did his passion come through, his enthusiasm and willingness to teach, learn and grow also impressed me greatly.
Eager to find out more about his outstanding dog, I began to ask the questions that I knew only Lamont had the answers for. Mr Singleton took his time with me. As expected, he delivered a very clear picture of his dogs, kennel and goals.

About ABKC’s Grand Champion, Gadget: Officially registered by the name Singleton Secret Gagdget. He is ABKC, UKC, ADBA and DBCR registered and his bloodlines consists of 50% Gotti, 50% Razors Edge . This black and white grand champion is still a young boy, turning 3 years old on June 23rd 2012. Lamont insists that Gadget is a big baby. “He has been that way since I got him at 6 weeks old” explained Lamont. With pride, Lamont told me that his champ was the last of the litter to be sold, leftover, the one that no one wanted. He even admitted that Gadget as a very young puppy did not look like much, then he popped at around 9 months old. He was also proud to tell me that there are no other champion dogs in Gadget’s history and that made his awesome find much sweeter. But he also feels that this could be due to the lack of training or in the way that the dogs may have been raised. As good as Gadget is, I would have to agree that there should have been some champions or even grand champions before him.

Who Are Gadget’s Sire And Dam?
Gadgets parents are Tyco x Ruca de la Raza and Mikelands Loko X Komrads Crazy Whitee are Tyco’s parents.

Gadget’s Weight And Diet?
Gadget consistently weighs in the area of 74 pounds.
To maintain his form and “coke bottle like shape”, Lamont feeds Gadget Diamond Extreme Athlete, which costs about $38.00 per 40lbs.
When not showing, Gadget just likes laying around the house doing nothing. I guess this will be the perfect case of pretty boys have it easy.

Goals for Mid West Bullys:
One of Mr Singleton’s goals for his kennel is to champ out as many dogs as possible. “I am a show ring junkie” he explained. Another goal of Lamont’s is to have several variations of Gadget in his yard.

Pinky Blu Courtesy Of Midwest Menace Bullies
Mr Singleton did not stop there. He wanted to let me know that there are two other ABKC champions in his kennel. There names are Champion Pinky Blu and Singleton’s Mighty Zeus who is an ABKC Extreme champion. Grand Champion Gadget and Champion Pinky Blu are “pocket champs”
He continued, “There are two Gadget daughters at my kennel that should not be overlooked, there names are E-Dee, who is around 6 months old and 4 times White Rhino. The other is Hazmat, Gadget bred to a Conflict daughter. She is one year old”.

Thank You Mid West Bullys:
The conversation with Mr Singleton started on a up beat note and ended just the same way. I was left feeling that here was a man that really wanted to show the American Bully in a very positive light by personally taking his dogs to a multiplicity of shows. Be it a show addict or not, Lamont was set on taking our dogs out into the public’s eye and showing them for what they are. It is clear that his purpose for his dogs, kennel and business are well defined in his mind and that nothing is going to stop his rise in the Bully world. Mr Singleton, to you I say thank you.. Bullies Rock!!
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Grand Champion Gadget of
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