The Bully Tunnel Pedigree VS Bullypedia


The Bully Tunnel Pedigree VS Bullypedia
Bullypedia-New-Certitied-PedigreeAnd yes folks, it’s on!! The Bully Tunnel has created an exact replica of Bullypedia’s pedigree database. Before I go further, I want to say that I am elated that another entrepreneur has stepped up in the Bully world. As we know, there are a lot of dreamers out there. But I am truly happy that someone else has stepped up and put their best foot forward as far as serving the Bully community.

Expect Shouting From Both Sides

Along with The Bully Tunnel’s efforts, I expect a lot of back and forth shouting between both pedigree databases. Of course Bullypedia wants to remain the supreme and most recognized pedigree database in the bulldog community. The problem is that Bullypedia has not been functioning well for a while. Many people cannot post their pedigrees and have to go alternative routes to do so. The Bully Tunnel seems to be a great option, but it’s not. I will explain why below.

Bully Tunnel Pedigree Heading For Failure

Even though I wish The Bully Tunnel all the best in their new venture, I cannot help but feel sad that they have taken the very same route to doomsday. Bullypedia ended up in trouble because they do not have and never will have control of the software that it uses, it is not theirs. This is why I said that the only thing to be gained from implementing the same platform in the same manner is FAME!

Bullypedia And The Bully Tunnel Fighting for Fame

In essence, that’s exactly whats happening. Let me explain why I say this. Neither of the two databases can truly benefit financially, (which is what they are really hoping to do) from their platform. You see they do not own the rights to the software and each is very limited in what they can do with their website. There is someone that profits from the efforts of both databases though.

So Who Profits From The Pedigree Database Software?

The owner of the software TWA (Karin Schellner) and her team are the only ones that benefit. They are not even into Bullies. When contacted about purchasing her software outright, she bsically told me that the purchase option not available at this time. Which indicated to me that she wanted to monopolize with her software. TWA has several money making options options, but I figure that the one that they are most using is selling email addresses to the highest bidders. Yes folks, your email addresses are being sold. Emails can be sold many different times to many different people and could be very lucrative.

Word Of Advice To Future Bully Entrepreneurs

If I had to give one word of advice to future bully ambassadors, it would be to be original, be first and be real. That combination gives you the best chance of having monetary success. Of course there are other factors such as working hard and sticking to your guns.
Bullies Rock

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  1. great site man, i love anything dealing with bullys. Im submitting one of my dogs to the ABKC

  2. N.Y.T.R.O MAGAZINE says:

    after we figure out how to do the pedigree data base an get our site up an running we will be the third pedigree up for all the bully lovers an bullies….we don’t care about fame ………..

  3. Patrick says:

    Well, I inquired how to add my dog and they stated I needed to email a scan or clear picture of my registration. I did that and my dog was listed in 15 minutes. My understanding is, they require proof, unlike what bullypedia did for years. With bullypedia, if I wanted to, I could have added a litter under any famous dog. On the other hand, bullybloodlines is manually verifying every registration. I wouldnt trust any pedigree from bullypedia or any other site that allows anyone to add any dog without proof.

    • Bully Lover says:

      Hey Patrick, thanks for your comments man. Yes, it is true that over the three years or so that Bullypedia has been in existence, they have built up a lot of wrong pedigrees. Some of these pedigrees are based on wrong information from several generations of breeders. My concerns about Bully Tunnel Pedigrees, is that they are using the very same platform and in the same manner as Bullypedia. Nothing is different! So if they ever get as big as Bullypedia, expect them to run into the same set of issues that they can do nothing about. To add to that, all of the email addresses etc that is added to both databases, do not belong to them. They are owned by the people that own the software in Germany or Russia I think. I personally contacted them and asked them to sell me the software outright but they refused. I refuse to do all my hard work for someone else. Anyway, in the upcoming months, watch out for a pedigree database that is really different, unique and 100% owned by my partners and me>>. That’s all I can say for now! Patrick, I am doing this not for fame, or else I would have gone down that path also. I do this because I care about the dogs. I am also not a breeder even though I have tons of space on my property and we just acquired 7.5 more acres. I just love the critters man!! Thanks once more..

      • Patrick says:

        Thats great to hear! I wish you the best of luck. It seriously is all about these lovely dogs and not ruining their breed and reputation. Also, just my 2 cents. That software is garbage. Poorly designed, half a** crap that someone would settle for on a budget. I look forward to and commend anyone that does a better job than the people thus far.

  4. Patrick says:

    Someone has already done better.

    • Bully Lover says:

      Patrick, I suppose it’s ok but I do not really like that fact that I cannot put my own dogs up.. Is this correct??


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