The Worst American Bully Stud Is Freakshow


The Worst American Bully Stud Is Freakshow

American-Bully-FreakshowThis article was written to educate as many as it possibly can. It is not an attack on anyone. It’s is meant to serve as an eye opener for many Bully enthusiast who are highly misinformed and continue to make poor choices that can only diminish the quality of dogs in their kennels.

Who is the worst, worst producing American Bully Stud? In my eyes, by far, it is FREAKSHOW!! Somebody forgot to tell somebody, what and how a dog should look and function. Dogs should have grace in their movement. Their skeletons should be aligned. Dogs should be born with tails that are not crooked or bent in any way. Dogs should not have flat feet or high rears. What’s worse, is that some people in the Bully community are now giving props to these sorts of poorly bred dogs and calling them “freaks”. A dog is not a freak, wasn’t bred to be a freak or should not be called a freak. Bad breeders are now doing to American Bullies what some scientist would like to do with humans, if laws would only permit. Just think about what would happen it this were to be the case.

American Bully Freakshow
I have labeled Freakshow as the worst American Bully stud because, not only was he terribly bred and looks terrible for any bred of dog, but he also produces high numbers of consistently poor quality puppies, that only the misinformed would purchase or want in their yards. On this page I have posted a few of his offspring. Freakshow does not have a tail, I believe it was a kink and then docked as a puppy. And guess what, many of his offspring are born with bad tails also. He has a poor front and legs that are easily and consistently transferred to his litters. I just cannot believe that people purchase these dogs, or even breed with this poor excuse for and American Bully. This dog will never be able to enter a show. Do not expect to see any of his offspring as show champions either.

Please Neuter Freakshow!!
In my humble opinion, this dog should be neutered and allowed to live out the rest of his almost certain, short life, in comfort.
The day this dog was first bred was a very sad day for our breed. What’s worse, is that there are many dogs out there similar and even worse than Freakshow. They are beginning to multiply by the tens of thousands. We cannot simply sit by and watch our breed crumble to greed. By myself, I may not be able to stop many of the terrible things happening to our dogs. With your help, we can more quickly reach a broader section of the community through persistence. You can make a difference! Speak up for what is right.

Show Dog Freakshow.
Whatever Freakshow’s popularity is based on, it has truly blinded the eyes of his supporters. Flashing his pedigree in people’s faces means nothing when the dog cannot be shown. Poorly bred, popular American Bullies like Freakshow, are like a bad drug. They are viewed as great, get people hooked and then cause eventual death or drastic reduction on the quality of life. That’s exactly what would happen to the breed if this irresponsible type of breeding continues, our breed will become valueless.

True and respected dog men in our community will always almost shy away from this dog. The misinformed will continue to spend a very bad dollar, that will have little or no returns for them. I promise!!

I no longer breed dogs, but if you would like to find the best dogs around, I have the phone numbers to some very respected breeders with top quality. They are located all over the country( USA). If you want to breed to the best, Contact me and I will attempt to make these connections for you..

Bullies Rock!!

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  1. I agree that spending 65000 is unbelievable but I must say that its all about love.

  2. richard santos says:

    Man I think those words are kinda harsh I think he put a trait out there for a breeder and if u know what he has and can add and his ped his tail dont mean anything .if people choose him let it be but its a loving creature from god .anyways I got one of his best females I didnt get to champ her out cause a situation I wasnt control over .but the the kennel I got her from she was nice correct and none of those problems you put …you have to know the importance in his blood that means more than someone not knowing how to breed it ..

    • Bully Lover says:

      Point well taken Richard, but I will say it again.. $65,000 for a stud fee from any dog is ridiculous. The American Bully, still to this point, does not have a purpose, except to look good.

  3. looks like a shorty bull to me.

  4. twayne says:

    I have freakshows gandson….bet he is in the ring

  5. Block monster bullies says:

    This whole shit your talking about calling dogs freak is old ppl were mad about that when extreme dogs first came out what rock have you been under??

  6. Block monster bullies says:

    Your the one bragging about how known you are and that you have stocks in free websites etc…. Saying who am I? Lol . asking about my website etc lol I dont need one! I sell my stock with out one no use for far as faults go why dont you talk about the grchs tht have faults and throw them. If you dont like those faults dont buy it simple and plain. And as far as freak going out of style.he has 200+ pups on the latest pw I got from ukc and hes catching up to romeo.

  7. Block monster bullies says:

    Im on my andriod using swipe excuse the mispell or misplaced .and im not tryin to change your mind I care less but just as u wrote this article I have the right to state my input. Just like pat earlier hit him up and see freakshow before you run your mouth. if your gonna run a ped site just post peds dont post a million vids of yourself rambling about nonsense.your not gonna get famous by runnin a pedsite so just give that up and just post peds your not a vet ,nor a breeder wich you said yourself

    • admin says:

      Ok buddy!! make sure that you contact them too!!

    • admin says:

      Listen sir.. I am not trying to get famous.. See, this is where you get it wrong.. I do not need fame. I need people like you to recognize what a good dog is and when you are doing harm to a promising breed. I might be old, but do not worry young buck, you will get here some day. I will not go on and on with you. Instead, I will agree to disagree. Whatever stock you have in Freakshow, I promise you that dogs like him are already ruining the image that so many people, have worked so very hard, for so many years to secure. I have seen many negative postings about Freakshow. I hope that you get on those people too!! How’s that for my spelling? Freakshow is on his way out, you know it as well as I. Let’s just see what his status will be in 18 months from now..
      Talk to you then!!

  8. Block monster bullies says:

    @admin no one knows me?? No one knows you!!!!! you just sime dude that has nothing better to do then go on the internet talking smack about this in that in a bunch of youtube videos only reason I even came across this is,i googled freakshow lol!!! Who cares your 50 ?? good for your old ass!! Lol. You dont breed cuz no one will buy your shit most likely!! your two paragraph letter is all water under the bridge to me playto bully a.and as far as bullypedia goes you cant even compare this wack ass site with all your stupid rambling at the mouth think your tight cuz u run.a site lmao! you want to find me on the net!

  9. Block monster bullies says:

    You dont even breed dogs nor do you own a bully. Nor have you seen freakshow in person easy to talk shit from behind a computer about a dog youve never seen. Freakshow can run and jump etc hes real active. And he can produce bully with the most pitbull of bitches.this web site is all about your ramblings just shit the fuck up n post the peds. No one that I kno even uses this gay ass knock off of bullypedia lol or listen/gives a shit about what you have to say. thanks

    • It’s all good!! For you information I have three dogs, two American Bullies and one Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Freakshow is a terrible example of the breed no matter how you look at it. People like you are not going to change my mind about what a dog should look like and how it should function. I was here before Freakshow was. I know a great looking dog when I see one. Freakshow isn’t even a good exotic because he has no tail. As far as my website, I have many, and I have lot’s of success with most of my ventures. You left a comment did you not? so it’s working then! I stopped breeding dogs because of dogs like Freakshow. I didn’t want to see my offspring breeding to dogs like him somewhere down the line. Since I cannot control what other people do, I did not want to be a part of breeding and selling to anyone.

      Just look down the comment list and you would see caring people. You obviously don’t care. Bulipedia is an awesome resource, I have nothing against them. I am sooooooooo happy that someone in our community thought about it. They have even advertised on one of my other site See how it works? While you sit there commenting on how much you do not give a shit, people like me and Bullypedia bring useful resources to the Bully community.. Resources they can, and do use. What have you got to show?? My point exactly!! By the way, do you have shares in Bullypedia? I bet not. At the end of the day, who really cares if my site is like Bullipedia of theirs like mine. Is that really important on a bigger scale of life?

      So here you are blabbing your mouth about something and no one there even knows who you are. Get your own, then maybe you could be recognized for doing something worthwhile for the Bully community. I am a successful music teacher with two degrees, one in technology, what about you?

      I could provide you with lots of testimonials from caring people. I’ll bet anything that you are in your 20’s, young and do not really understand life. I promise you one day you will see life differently. Then maybe you could understand that an animal is a living breathing thing that should be cherished and done right by. Until then, I will pray for you and others like you..
      Thank you for your comments..

      PS. Do you even have a website of your own? I could not find one anywhere..

  10. As an outsider looking in this dog is a disgrace to the breed. he is obviously a mix, no doubt. he should not be bred. I hate when people want to change an amazing breed for some sort of trash exotic. there is a reason standards and shows exist, if you do not plan on showing your dogs and bettering the breed then why are you even breeding?! if this is what you want in your yard and you dont plan on producing champs you are nothing more than a back yard breeder and you should quit now. all you are doing is ruining the breed and sending dogs to the shelter to get put to sleep. its pathetic that so many “breeders” cant see the harm they are doing.

    • admin says:

      I agree with everything that you have said except the dogs being a disgrace. I feel that the American Bully is a fine breed and the dogs are ok when standards for the breed are viewed as priority.
      The disgrace aspects really becomes true for those that do not care about standards or health, just money.
      If you followed this post and comments you would see that I have several people angry with me. These people do not realize how they are hurting a new breed that is really trying to establish quality and class as it’s motto. Though they do not consider themselves as backyard breeders, everything they do indicates that they are.
      I mean, what can they do with dogs like Freakshow except breed them, hype them up and sell them for big dollars. So then, it’s all about the money. They cannot show them, cannot weight pull because they would never be winners because their his confirmation do not allow for anything physical.
      I am not sure why they are mad at me, except to say that maybe these newbies do not know the true meaning of a high quality dog.

      I am not going to lie or put water in my mouth and allow this sort of thing to go with notice. As direct as I may be sometimes, many knowledge hungry folks are getting good lessons form some of my posts. That’s truly why I started this forum. How dare they have the nerve to advertise Freakshow and dogs like him as top studs? That alone is enough to keep me away from anything that they produce. They obviously need many lessons on what a well put together dog should look like and how it’s temperament should be.
      With that said, I still say that the American Bully is the most fascinating breed that I have ever been associated with.

  11. Just depends on what type of dog you want. Freakshow shows english bulldog from head to tail. Said they went used in the Bully but when the ones who have the genes come together it tattles on them. I been at it since 1972 & not seen any dog who excells in 100 deg weather & never seen a english bulldog excell at anything. Breed em how ya want…can’t breath couch tator or althletic type. Till they get some breed standers on these dogs by a legitment registry & let the truth of the breeds in there backgound be know this is just how its gonna be.
    Good luck fellers

  12. Davy Hall says:

    Lmao you might of had dogs before I was born but this crappy article proves how ignorant you are with the bully breed , stay on the east coast because your not welcome in California with that ignorant attitude

  13. Davy Hall says:

    We wanna know who you are to see what kind of background you have if any to be making assumptions like this or will u continue to hide under your user name

    • admin says:

      Look at the videos on my site Davy.. Background?. lol.. Dude I have had dogs before you were born..
      I got my first Pitbull in 1986 after graduating college, have had dogs ever since. Been to every BSL meeting you could think about, even out of my state. Represented my City, then (NYC), and community at least 6 times against Anti-Pitbull Laws. I am presently the go to person here in my community and the first person called when reference is needed for a placement home. I have walked long walk since 1998 fighting for the rights of several Bulldog breeds and owners too. I walked away from breeding because of people like you!! And You??


    • admin says:

      First of all, you would write whatever you want to stay in favor with Pat. The word Exotic starts with EX. The word excuse also start with the letters EX. To me exotic in the Bully community is an EXcuse for people that want to breed sloppy dogs and get away with it. In that case Change their names to Exotic Bulldogs. Then anything goes. Sorry to tell you that the true American Bully breed has standards. Though some of those standards may be a bit loose, they are not exotic Bully loose..

  15. Davy Hall says:


    • No Davy, every dog with a docked tail that is genetic should not be bred. They especially should not be selling for big dollars. Rather, they should be given away as pets to enjoy the rest of their lives as much as they could. Other than having a docked/kinked tail, Freakshow has bad, flat feet, poor confirmation, which easily puts him at a disadvantage as a performance dog. If you see this dog as the perfect specimen, then your idea of perfection leaves much to be desired. Pat is trying to convince me that his dog can outwork any of the others. If you know anything about confirmation, you would know that at the top levels of performance it highly counts? Where is the line Davy?

      One more thing!! I appreciate your comments and the fact that you kept them clean..
      Peace man!!

  16. pat garcia says:

    Lol thanks for labeling my dog the worst lol you obviouslly never seen my boy in person our action,cause my boy will outwork any of your guys reindeers in 100degree weather. Matter of fact that white pup is not a freakshow son Freakshow has a couple champs and a few knocking but ring is not my thing .You want to see headturner go outside the ring thats were all the hittere usually in Cali. So once again thanks for some exposure lol ps who are you anyways? 209 3450285 any questions .You guys do you and we will continue to do us!!!!!!

    • Let’s make this simple. How many bad dogs have Freakshow produced? How many kinked tail dogs is he responsible for.Tell the truth now!! Could you not see a little bit of my point? A dog should not have a kinked tail just like a human being should not have a missing arm or a cleft lip. Dogs were born with a tail for a reason. It’s worse when you breed dogs with bad genetics. If you want to breed for the best, you are heading in the wrong direction. Let’s forget shows for a moment. Weather you are showing or not, you should be inspired to work hard and do the right thing by the dogs. What’s worse, is that you think it’s ok to breed Freakshow. You want me to accept that? Not!! Go ahead and breed your low quality dog. It’s so easy to do the right thing by the dogs, but money chasers may never see it that way. A short life is what Freakshow is looking at. Guys like you are making a circus out of what is supposed to be a fantastic breed! I know that one day you will get it because you seem like a smart and cool guy.
      Peace to you Pat!!

  17. Hi am reading this and i think is wrong to Pat have some respect Freakshow is like his kid and if you been breeding for a long time you should also know is not the dogs fault is how his been breed i breed my female to freakshow and not one flaw on the pups very clean and correct and you are wrong by saying theres not going to be a freashow offspring in the ring well just remember this two names in the ring …Famous and Freakk,,,focus on you and not others …thank you

    • Luis, I have been as civil as I possibly could. It’s because I have respect for the breed that I seek to better it. Freakshow is a product of the internet. I could easily not say anything about a badly bred dog. Then in 10 years time every dog will look like Freakshow or worse. Again I ask, where is the line? Dogs like him should not be bred. You may be too young to understand this though.I am not saying that Freakshow does not have a great temperament, Bullies are supposed to. I am saying that he has terrible confirmation and much genetic faults, which Bullies are NOT supposed to. You know, every day around the world, doctors recommend drugs that they swear are good for us, but are most are harmful to our bodies. Some may heal the illness, but they take a part of our lives away in return.
      My point is, you could say how perfect this dog is, but the experienced knows otherwise. You and people like you who choose choice to support a dog with so many short comings and label it as a top class representative for the breed, will eventually take this awesome breed into extinction. I speak from experience..
      Be strong Bro!!

  18. Alberto says:

    You guys need to mind your own business if u don’t like him don’t use him use your raindeers and keep walking just cause some people don’t want to show their dog that doesent mean shisnit people just don’t like to be in politics cause showing dogs it’s all about politics quit hating

    • admin says:

      Freakshow was placed all over the internet and you want me to mind my own business.. WOW!!
      It’s really sad that people only want to accept the good comments but cannot take the not so good.
      Dude, every one would not like the same thing and I do not like this dog. People should be able to voice their opinions if something was put out there for the world to see. It’s what makes the world go round.
      I refuse to be bullied by owners with dogs like Freakshow. They cannot push these really bad examples of bully dogs down my throat and expect me to like them.
      This dog is a really poor example of the breed. How many kinked tail puppies has he already produced? where are those puppies now? Are they going to be bred just like their daddy? That’s sad.

      On my websites, “kinked tail cure” is by far the most searched term, that is very sad. The bottom line? Freakshow is an American Bully nightmare.

  19. Davy Hall says:

    This article is sad and it sounds like you have a personal hatered towards Pat or freakshow , as far as him having no off spring that are champions that’s a lie he already has some and more on the way , he has frantic also that is one of the most well rounded show dogs I have seen . If you don’t like freakshow then u don’t like bully so stay in the ukc or akc because the bully registrys don’t sound like there for you

    • Davy, I have no malice towards any human being. This is not about showing or not showing. It’s about a line that should not be crossed. Many lines have been crossed with dogs like Freakshow, unfortunately they were crossed on the wrong side of the street. I hope that Pat understands that this is not a personal attack on him, rather, concern for the next generation of Bulldogs. People like to take things a few steps further. Now that we have crooked legged no tail dogs being called good quality, what’s next? Can you tell me?? Somebody has to care Davy. I hope that with time you will!!

  20. Ultimate Gene Bully says:

    You’re absolutely correct. I have a small kennel and it was hard to get this far because i didn’t have a”freak” or deformed bully for people to notice my kennel..

    • admin says:

      Yes, I know it was hard but you did it correctly.. These days everyone only want to take the fast track. With our dogs we cannot afford to do that. It’s primarily the reason why we have sooooooooo many faulty dogs..
      Thanks for your input.


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