Man Kills Girlfriend’s Pitbull .

Can anyone believe that some idiot in California killed his girlfiend’s puppy because she would not sleep with him? He became so angry because he was refused sex that he slammed the helpless pup against a wall.
The man, Daniel Baxter, 30, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Even though the pup did not immediately die, vets later determined that it was to damaged to live a future meaningful or happy life.

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I recently read an article about a Pitbull attack in Australia some time this past August.It is reported that a Pitbull in Australia attacked and killed a young child. Because of this attack, the Australian government moved to create new laws as it pertains to Pitbulls.. One of the first laws that was changed is that all unregistered Pitbulls will be killed. Needless to say that this law will cause the death of thousands of innocent animals.

Secondly, owners of Pitbulls that attack people causing harm will could face up to 20 years in Jail.

Because of that attack, Australia has put into a place a grace period, which ended on September 30th, for dogs to be registered. I am not certain what is meant by “registered”. It may mean some sort of registration with local authorities or possibly with a kennel club which seems less likely.

As of last September 30th, all unregistered Pitbulls will be seized and destroyed. Not only that, but it will be illegal to own Pitbull crosses. As of the time of this article, the standards for identifying a Pitbulls had still not been established.

These tough new laws in Australia have made many Pitbull and Pitbull crosses owners extremely nervous. Even some owners of dogs that resembles Pitbull types are very nervous.

Reading that article has made me very sad because it spells death for many innocent dogs and heartache for many responsible owners.Though it happens every day, killing thousands of dogs because of one irresponsible owner is totally unfair.
As owners, not only do we need to stand up but we need to stick together. Bully Breeds MUST be represented correctly. This is no joke folks. I urge you to please do the right things by your dogs. Train them, socialize them, present them to the public as the wonderful creatures that they really are. Do not be followers. Be leaders for the sake of our breed. Australia is just one country, but it’s just as easy for many more countries around the globe to adopt laws such as theirs, some already have..

I am so very saddened for the loss of four-year-old Ayen Chol and the pain that his/her family has had to endure. It truly breaks my heart. But I stand by my “Loving Loyal Breed” because I know that one bad apple does not instantly spoil the whole bunch. If time is taken to work with our dogs then that one biter will be an isolated incident. If we choose to ignore the needs of our dogs then we can expect laws such as Australia’s to be the norm even in our own backyard.

The real culprit here is the dog’s owner who should have spent time teaching his dog, loving his dog and introducing his dogs to the many thousands of people and dogs in his community.

God Bless You Ayen..

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